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Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-holistic psychiatry

Jacqueline Bredehoft - Lifeline 2 Wellness

A Partnership

Board Certified PMHNP. Suboxone treatment. Certifed Grief Recovery Specialist.  EMDR trained.

My name is Jacqueline Bredehoft and as a Nationally Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner I make it my priority to provide you with the exceptional care and psychiatric treatment I believe you deserve.   My goal for you is wellness of body, soul, and spirit, which I believe you can achieve, and I teach you how.

 I work with you in partnership to get you well.  It is my belief we can all improve our mental health by validating and building on our strengths, breaking self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaving, and developing healthier coping skills and habits.  With guidance and coaching, I support my clients in their work towards success.  Goals are determined and defined and through resolute commitment, clients achieve them.  

Body-Spirit-Soul Care


Not only is it important to address our physical and psychological needs, it is my personal belief that providing truly holistic care requires acknowledging and supporting our spiritual health as well.  

It is through caring for the Body, the Spirit, and the Soul, which is the mind-will-emotion, that we create the balance that propels us to experience life richly and fully. The way we deeply desire and were created to.

Evidence-Based and Personalized Care


I began my practice Lifeline 2 Wellness to provide individuals seeking mental health care with a truly holistic and personalized option than you have been used to.

I provide you with more than just treatment, I provide you with compassionate care and bring you treatment that is proven effective, safe, and is customized to your specific needs, symptoms and genetic makeup, to accelerate your progression to wellness.  You feel better and you get well.

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Jacqueline Bredehoft

901 Dove Street, Suite 299, Newport Beach, California 92660, United States

(714) 497-3307