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Never Gonna Stop me is a song that is very dear to our hearts. It talks about surpassing and conquering addictions, but also overcoming any difficulty in life.   I pictured a huge battlefield, with me standing on one end facing a large army ready to attack. Sometimes struggles in our life may feel that way. But, humans were made by the Creator to succeed in life no matter the challenge.  You're never gonna stop me from my joy, peace, success and anything else I am destined to have. @noahs_pedal



I have chosen to have Jackie Bredehoft as my nurse practitioner for over 17 years because she is the most beautiful person in the world inside and out. I always take her guidance and advise. She has always been there for me no matter what. I am very fortunate to have her in my life and she is a very important person to me. Words can only say so much. –A. W.


Jacqueline Bredehoft MSN is a blessing in our lives. She really cares. She has always been there for my son Adam. When he was hospitalized with pneumonia last April she came and visited him in the hospital and collaborated with the staff to ensure that his psychiatric needs and medications were being properly addressed. She has consistently followed up with the pharmacy and medical laboratory to make sure that his medications were filled in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a competent, knowledgeable and most of all caring nurse practitioner. Rhys and Adam W. 


I’m so happy to have found a nurse practitioner where I’m happy with my experience. I want to leave my feedback and give my highly thoughtful recommendation for Jackie. While at times I can be and feel very emotionally blocked, she can sense what my mind is going through and put me at ease with her calm demeanor, and present attentive attitude. I trust her to genuine parts of myself; as she listens and eases me into underlying issues. I face my own set of challenges in life and need some space to pull myself together. She is that wise and sensible person who is there to listen and be an objective advisor to me. Jackie is intuitive and aware of underlying causes. She can relate to what it is I'm talking about myself. I feel clarity and a refreshing sense of self-worth and well being after our appointments. I have opened up about something that is bothering me and she has listened and that feels great! She is wise and sensible and certainly puts herself in my shoes then offers sound advice. I feel a better grasp on my strengths and open up about anything bringing me down. Her advice is encouraging and she also offers up ideas to help me gain perspective. She can break down emotional barriers and get straight to an issue and that really helps me stay positive. Being open with her during our appointments is easy. I appreciate her intuitive grasp of what I am sharing with her. This helps me focus on my professional life, passions, hobbies and overall happiness. Jackie is a refreshing source of enlightenment that I wouldn't trade. Thanks for everything!

William S.


Over the past 9 years, Jacqueline had been coaching me through some very big transitions in my life, and I could not have navigated through these changes with as much honesty and grace without her help. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past. Jacqueline helped me to clearly identify my values and use these as a guide to making life judgments and changes. Our discussions are forever in my memory and her sensitive and insightful coaching will always guide me. I am truly thankful for you Jacqueline and couldn't be more grateful to have you in my life.


Ariel S.


As we start a new year I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful work you do. Most especially for the care you give my grandson and support you provide my family. I am really aware and appreciate the high level of preparation and consideration you show him and the warmth with which you deliver it. Thank you for all the “extra" you have taken to invest in the success of my grandson's future.

Gratefully yours,

Barbara B

 Jackie is very sweet. She is Real, she listens, she has great advice, sometimes it’s like just talking to a girlfriend; she is so easy to talk to-she draws you out-but in the end you realize she’s been very insightful and helped you get to the real issue. She is warm, comfortable and easy to talk to. 

Debra S 

There are so many reasons I've been a client/patient 

of Jackie's. I have been a patient of hers for 9 years.

She's always been an attentive and compassionate listener.

Jackie made sure to understand my situation and concerns

before prescribing any medications. The help she has given me in all aspects in my life has been immense!

I've been able to set my boundaries and recognize when I'm not feeling mentally in the right place. She has helped me with my self-esteem and to look at situations differently. My relationships with my family and friends have been changed to the positive. 

Victoria V.  


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