Psychiatric Care because You're Worth It

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Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-holistic psychiatry


A personalized holistic psychiatry approach for your mental health needs

      Because  You're Worth It!

Who We Are


Our Medical Practice

We offer effective, individualized, holistic psychiatry and psychological care for mental health disorders as well as medication-assisted-treatment with Suboxone for opioid addiction.


Our Treatment Focus

Our focus is you; helping you heal and achieve wellness of body, spirit and soul, that you may maintain life changing behaviors and live life to your fullest potential.  Sobriety with Suboxone. Holistic psychiatry for your mental health.


Our Patient Promise

We promise to treat you with respect and dignity.  Deliver evidence based conventional and alternative treatments with care, compassion and respect.  We provide personalized mental health care, holistic psychiatry, and suboxone treatment for opioid addiction.

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Jacqueline Bredehoft

901 Dove Street, Suite 299, Newport Beach, California 92660, United States

(714) 497-3307